Research Services

We develop a customized research plan for each project to match the goals and objectives of our clients.


Gomez Research handles all stages of survey research from conception through the presentation of results. We provide telephone, online, intercept, and mail surveys. For telephone and Internet studies, we work closely with our partner, Interviewing Services of America (ISA), the largest telephone and online field center on the West Coast, to ensure that data collection is accurate and timely.

Focus Groups

We offer complete focus group services, including recruitment and facilities, instrument design, moderation, and reporting. We maintain a database of professional moderators with expertise by subject area and language. We work with only the best, most experienced professionals.

Message Testing

Our goal is to provide our clients with recommendations to help them develop new concepts into winning strategies. When testing messages, we go beyond asking respondents whether or not they "like" a concept to probing to understand their concerns, and what might change their mind. Gomez Research provides focus group research specifically designed to elicit candid, honest responses to new concepts, service ideas, and marketing materials.

Campaign Evaluation

Gomez Research has a proven track record evaluating the impact of social marketing campaigns. In addition to working with our clients during message development to ensure that communication strategies are on-target, we also evaluate the end result of campaigns by tracking changes in attitudes and behaviors over time.

Client Satisfaction

For public and nonprofit agencies, building client satisfaction can increase revenue, visibility, and reputation. Organizations need to know if their clients are satisfied with the level of service being provided and, more importantly, how to better meet client needs. Gomez Research provides client satisfaction surveys specifically tailored for public and nonprofit clients.