Public opinion surveys that address sensitive and important social issues must have both the appearance and the reality of being transparent, reliable, and unbiased. Sampling procedures, the acceptable margin of sampling error, and other standards are more rigorous in public opinion research because studies must be sufficiently robust to withstand social, political, or legal challenges. We have extensive experience conducting public opinion polling and other survey research that adheres to these higher standards.

Gomez Research handles all stages of survey research from conception through the presentation of results. We provide telephone, online, intercept, and mail surveys. For telephone and Internet studies, we work closely with our partner, Interviewing Services of America (ISA), the largest telephone and online field center on the West Coast, to ensure that data collection is accurate and timely. Through the services provided by ISA, along with our network of linguistic and cultural experts, we offer survey research in more than 50 languages including Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

Our experience includes a broad range of studies including:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Membership Surveys
  • Needs Assessment
  • Community Attitudes/Awareness
  • Image/Reputation
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Brand Research
  • Communications Strategy/Effectiveness
  • Message and Copy Testing